We offer course program in soft skills based on work of Dr. Paul Ekman on Emotional Skills, Non-verbal Communication and Evaluating Truthfulness.

Introduction about Associates of Paul Ekman International

Dr. Paul Ekman

Who is Dr. Paul Ekman? He is an American psychologist and expert in the fields of emotions, nonverbal communication, and deception detection. His extensive scientific research has him regarded as one of the most eminent psychologists of the 20th Century, and his ability to read others has earned him ‘the reputation of the best human lie detector in the world’.

Dr. Paul Ekman and Paul Ekman International.

CEO Cliff Lansley & Dr. Paul Ekman

Paul Ekman supported the Emotional Intelligence Academy in establishing Paul Ekman International (PEI) under an exclusive license to make his work more accessible through high-quality training courses. Paul Ekman International is now responsible for taking this work outward via Paul Ekman Approved Trainers and Licensed Delivery Centers across the globe.

Movie “Lie To Me”

We believe that our company will give benefit through our programs which are delivered by experts who always improve knowledge of expertise, have gained international networks, deliver updated material and information and shares expertise with clients with professionalism to reach the best results.

Our programs can be delivered In-house, In-group, In-person, through a public class or a through customized way.

Why we give you a PEI International Certificate.

An official Certificate from PEI mean that the information you’ve studied, applied, and been tested on, is approved by Paul Ekman. This is not a ‘body language 101’ course, we pride ourselves in only teaching methods and concepts that can be backed up with scientific evidence. Have a PEI Certificate means that you are committed to holding high standards of educational information and that you have the best tools to apply the science in your personal and professional lives.


As of Executive and Leadership course program, we offer course on Futures Strategies, which we do collaboration with The Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies (CIFS).

About CIFS:

The Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies is a non-profit, independent institute founded in 1969 by former OECD Secretary-General Thorkil Kristensen for the betterment of our society.

Today, we are a globally-oriented institute that advises customers and member organisations on a strategic level all over the world. Customers and members include Fortune 500 companies, government ministries and agencies, and non-government institutions. Read more about our consulting services here.

The Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies is organised as an association consisting of a wide range of member companies. We are not associated with any university, nor do we receive public grants. We are wholly self-governing and independent of special interests.

Our mission is to reduce complexity and enlighten decision-makers about the future, enabling them to make the best possible decisions in the present and, on this basis, create their own future.

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