Management Team

Founder and CEO

ENDANG was born in September 1967 in Jakarta, Indonesia. She is a mother of two adult children and holds a Swedish Citizenship. She currently lives in Gothenburg, Sweden. She has more than 30 years of experience in the human resources areas of the finance industry and other industries, both in Indonesia and Sweden.
She holds a Bachelor in Accounting and Finance, a Master of Science in Public Administration and HR Management, Master program in IT Management, Certified Interviewer, Certified SHRBP-USA, Approved Trainer to deliver Paul Ekman content’s from Emotional Intelligence Academy, UK and Associate of Paul Ekman International, also other international short education. She actively engages in different kinds of professional and social memberships.
Her interests include traveling, studying different cultures and human behavior, reading, sport and enjoy music. She is proficient in Bahasa Indonesia, Malay, English and Swedish languages. She has a passion in writing and blogging, spreading her energy to people around her, inspiring people to recognize theirs skills and reach their potential.

Her first book in Bahasa Indonesia “KuMenikahi Swedish dan Ku paham” and English translation “A Wonderful Land Called Sweden, I Married a Swedish Man and I Understand” was published in 2016.

A Stand-in

LULU was born in July 1993 in Jakarta, Indonesia. She holds a Swedish Citizenship and always has passion to educate people in Asian countries. She has an IB (International Baccalaureate) Diploma from Hvitfeldtska Gymnasiet and is currently pursuing a degree in Dentistry at the Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg, Sweden.
She has had some job positions and volunteering opportunities which mainly deal with people and services both in Indonesia and Sweden. She volunteered as a Nurse Assistant, Dental Assistant, worked at a fast food chain, as a children care-taker in kindergarten schools, and as a home-care assistant for the elderly. Her previous working experiences have to do with understanding people and their behavior.
Her interest in understanding human behavior and in global health awareness become applicable and connect well with her future job position as a Dentist. Her other interest are reading, blogging, traveling, dancing and enjoying music and films. She is proficient in Bahasa Indonesia, Malay, English and Swedish languages.