Hello Sweden! It’s me!

I originally come from Indonesia and moved to Sweden in 2008 then holds a Swedish Citizenship in 2018. I moved here because of my marriage to a Swedish man. A person like me in Swedish is called “kärlek invandrare,” a foreigner who falls in love with a local person and made a leap of faith to move to this country. I had no idea how it felt like to live in another country and had not done extensive preparations before the move. By the time, I got to know my husband and his family’s way of life. It was then I had an important lesson of how to understand different cultures and that it could sometimes be synonymous with a hard effort and requires a positive attitude.

I had a long list of things to learn when my two kids and I landed in this country. Soon after we arrived, we had to make adjustments. Other than allocating my time to making some adjustments in the daily life, landing a job was something I immediately did. Furthermore, I took Swedish language courses and a couple of independent study courses in Human Resources and Pedagogy.

With high educational background and more than 20 years of working experiences from the Central Bank of Indonesia, plus my ability to speak Swedish as a beginner, I was one of the lucky person to immediately get a job as a Project Manager at Culture Clinic, an NGO (Non Government Organization) in Gothenburg. At the same time, I studied second Master in IT Management.

In 2012, for some reasons I moved back to Indonesia and continued my career at the Central Bank of Indonesia, a big institution in my country. My little family continue living in Sweden, so we were in a long distance family relationship. It was not an easy life! My last position was as an Assistant Director at Bank Indonesia Institute, a department which is responsible for learning and development for the employees, including providing leadership programs. I was one of the founding team member of this department. At the time I had a great career within the institution and were surrounded by high qualified professionals. Despite all this, I felt like only my body was present in Indonesia, yet my heart was in Sweden. So it was about time to decide for my future. In 2016 I took early retirement and moved back to Sweden to reunite with my family.

Well, trust me! It is not easy to find a job in Sweden. Not only for foreigner but also for the local people. The job market is highly competitive. So, I started working as a Freelance Consultant with clients both in Indonesia and Sweden. I did not give up and continued to apply job, tried my luck from one interview to another, updated my professional database everywhere and sent CV to many companies, even engaged in different kinds of social meetings both in local and international platform. As a matter of fact, “Networking” is the key to find a job in Sweden. Again, lucky me! I eventually landed different kinds of job positions. Most of my jobs are as a Consultant in different fields. First, as a Consultant at Student Consulting with role Substitute Coordinator in Education field, then as Executive Management Assistant at Volvo Group Trucks Technology and my last position was as Consultant at Poolia. But I felt that all those jobs were still not what I wanted. I always believe that great opportunities will come soon or later, “Be positive!”, I convinced myself.

I realize that I have competencies that I can share with people. In early 2019, I felt the urge to give myself a platform for the earlier mentioned purpose. I am a confident person, have a high energy and spirit to inspire and motivate people. Professionally, I have high educational background, hold an international certification, professional licenses and had extensive experience, including a broad networks. With the support from my family, friends and colleagues, I have decided to establish my own company. My company focuses in Education Management and HR Development, the areas which are my area of expertise.

So here I am, owning and leading a small company, “UpstairsBlue AB,” which is based in Gothenburg yet with a worlwide working territory.

Let’s stay in touch with me both professionally and personally.

Endang Suprapti

Founder, CEO of UpstairsBlue AB

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