Blue is my favorite color and climbing stairs are always challenging, but promising

Today is my sunshine and blue day. First, I have a new colleague, someone from the city of Mariestad who is helping me to build my company’s new website. Second, I am happy to have the possibility to enjoy the sun and blue sky while walking in a nearby nature area close to my home. Third, I enjoy our photo session, the way he takes photos of me. Yes, he is also a Photographer.

If you see this picture, it is a good combination between the blue sky and green surroundings which represent how Swedish nature. It’s his idea! We say “it’s typically Swedish.” Today is a lovely sunny day indeed, but not everyday is as blue as today. Will it be blue again tomorrow? You never know, you will realize it when you are living in Sweden. Just enjoy and appreciate the good (and the bad) weather that we have at any given time.

It is true when people say that the sky is not always blue. Ashley Jansen says that “If what you see by the eye doesn’t please you, then close your eyes and see from the heart. Because the heart can see beauty and love more than the eyes can ever wonder.” 

Ahh, let’s not only focus on the sky, see also our surrounding. Never mind, whatever it is, my favorite color is blue anyway. Blue represents depth, trust, loyalty, sincerity, wisdom, confidence, stability, faith, heaven, and intelligence. The color blue has positive affects on the mind and the body. Blue helps to slow human metabolism, is cooling in nature, and helps with balance and self-expression. Well, I love the color blue. It gives me some energy and make me calm down.

When we were walking around the area, we found some stairs to climb which were actually not challenging but some efforts were still needed to climb them up. I was and happy to share my smiles with all of you from the top of the stairs.

I remember, when I was working at Volvo Group Trucks Technology, my team members had a competition with each other in walking up and down the stairs from the 1st floor until 4th floor everyday. Avoid elevator as much as we can. The person who did it most frequently in a month was going to be the month´s winner and would receive a gift. It was a really fun activity!

But what is the purpose to doing that activity? For me, the most challenging with climbing stairs is how to control the speed, balance our energy and blood circulation, control body, mind and heartbeat. At the same time have to follow the stairs up.

It is hard not to see upwards to the beautiful blue sky when you climb the stairs. The blue sky is indeed wonderful and might give you motivation to keep climbing. Applying this analogy into the career life, the blue sky represents great achievements obtained with hard efforts. We push ourselves to follow the stairs up to achieve a high level position. That is great but sometimes we forget the process, only focus on work, work, work! Something missing in the process. Do you recognize yourself? Do you have enough competencies? Do you pay attention to your family? Do you care about people around you? Yes, climb the stairs is challenging. Wait, but its promising, if we know how to balance and control how we do it in the right way.

Hey, the sky is not always blue fellas! The weather may change from time to time. Don’t expect too much that the sky will always look blue. Everything that looks wonderful is not always as it looks like. Just enjoy the process and continue to climb the stairs if you have the ability and possibility. But remember to pay attention to what happens down the stairs during the climb. Mind your steps so you will not fall down, be aware of who are walking beside you. On the emotional front, you have to be aware of how you manage your feelings when see the sky is grey, meaning that you can not always get what you want; focus is needed in how to control and balance yourself in this situation. Don’t forget to enjoy yourself as a person, your surroundings, the moments you´re in, the processes that you go through, the wind that passes you by, the breaths that you take.

Well, these two things always inspire me and my company, UpstairsBlue AB. We love to help people who need to climb the stairs in their career life and support them along the way, step by step to reach the clear blue sky. Of course with an awareness, and the purpose is to achieve their goals and happiness.

I close the day with happy feelings even though I have to work extra time to update the ready made website by him. Well done, my new colleague!

Whether or not you see a blue sky, you can contact me and let’s walk together. If we find the stairs, we try to climb it! I am sure it will be fun!

Endang Suprapti

Founder, CEO of UpstairsBlue AB

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